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                  Amazing Ant Smasher
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Amazing Ant Smasher is a very addictive game, especially for kids. In this great game you will smash ants and different insects with your finger! You can use multiple fingers together. Ant Smasher is a highly entertaining for kids, boys and girls. It is so addicting! Experience this killer bug invasion! Ant Smasher is very popular among all aged people, but kids loves ant smasher most. Some features of Ant Smasher: + Level based gameplay + New insects are unlocked in each level (multiple types of ants to smash) + Several insects to smash (ant, spider, cockroach, beetle, lady bird and more) + Intelligent insects, boss insects, bonus insects/ants and more (insects / ants with artificial intelligence) + Game for all ages, man and woman! (Everyone Loves to smash ants / insects ) + A funny app to pass the time. + Unlimited fun for hours for all And finally it is 100% FREE! Please follow us at facebook